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19-Oct-2017 06:49

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My previous OKCupid stints never lasted long but, being freshly single, I started up my profile again. Many felt like target practice, the senders aiming the same message to multiple women over and over again to see who responds. A 53-year-old man asked me if I’ve “thoroughly explored [my] submissive tendencies.” (He messaged me despite the fact that my listed age range only goes to 36. A vast majority were sexist, sex-related, and/or made me uncomfortable in general.These are not the only boundary-crossing behaviors on online dating sites, where I often receive questions about my health or, better yet, unsolicited health advice.My profile states that I am Type-1 Diabetic, as my Twitter bio does.

When I am on a date with someone who also works in tech, it’s a different dichotomy.

I’m 26, and this particular man is older than my dad.) Another man asked if I consider myself someone with a high sex drive because he is an “animal in bed” and also “big.” Also, once when I had OKC’s chat feature turned on, I got an IM from a man asking how large I thought his penis was based on his profile.

These were What gives men the idea that sending these kinds of sexually explicit messages off-the-bat, unsolicited, and before getting to know a person is okay?

This is something I am always upfront about because it has been an issue of contention in the past.

I don’t want to bother going out with anyone who is going to view it as a problem.However, as a result of divulging this information, I get a lot of questions.