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Founder Derik Murray, who produced and directed “I Am Heath Ledger,” said he keeps a vision board in his offices with the names of iconic personalities on it and that “Heath was up there.”Murray eventually met up with Amato in St.Louis, Amato’s hometown, and discovered that Ledger’s friend had an archive of unseen footage.The precarious molt of one’s mid-20s is always fraught and comes with no guarantees of what waits on the other side. Gary Oldman accepts Heath Ledger's award for a male actor in a supporting role in "The Dark Knight" at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award in Los Angeles January 25, 2009.

“I’d just like to see people get a more true understanding of whom Heath was and his true soul,” she says. He was interested in the whole craft, the photography, the cinematography, the music, behind the scenes, the editing, the directing …

He didn’t know where they came from and he didn’t know why he had them and he was incredibly humble about having them. Humility was a huge quality of Heath’s that was very endearing.”The film glosses over the discomfit Ledger struggled with behind closed doors, with a brief mention of the actor’s “demons” — a catchphrase that’s meant to say enough so no more is said but really doesn’t say much at all.