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09-Dec-2017 10:55

To get a better understanding of your audience, venture into the 'Demographics' page of your You Tube analytics.Getting a deeper appreciation of your audience demographics will help you create future content which is relevant to the age and gender of your current audience.

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You may then use this information to shape the content of your future videos, to maximise your total views.

Understanding each traffic source allows you to determine which source of traffic is most beneficial to you.

For example, if your video is attracting more views via Google search than it is by You Tube search, you can begin to implement ways to capitalize success with Google, and improving your You Tube search engine optimization.

Every ecommerce retailer should be using video as a part of their marketing strategy, and they should know the analytics to track their You Tube campaigns performance.

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Once you have learnt the proper analytics behind your videos, you can implement strategies to widen your video's reach, thus increasing sales.

Find your total view count metrics under the 'Views Reports' section: When using the You Tube Analytics panel, you will be presented with a graph illustrating your views since your video's publication date.