Dating someone of a different race

15-Jul-2017 11:49

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If it came down to it, I know that he would accept someone of another race into our family if it meant losing me, but it pains me to think that below the smile, he would be passing judgement.

Despite him being a racist, my dad is a generous and loving man.

This article was originally published on Travel Break, and has beeen re-posted here with permission.

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He never went to college, and instead, opted to attend trade school, where he learned to work with machines.

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He’s been a blue-collar, working man for all of his life, breaking his back (literally— he’s anything. References about how beautiful your hypothetical mixed babies would be.2. Knowing you’ll never be mistaken as brother and sister…We totally could have been adopted though.4. Long nights of discussing what you love about your culture.26.

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